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Title Article Akurasi metode concordance
Page 107-117
Abstrac This research was aimed to examine the accuracy of concordance method on linear method, linear parallel method and equipercentile method.
Language IND
Author Dwining Bintarawati; Dwining Bintarawati

Title Article Evaluasi pengolahan laboratorium IPA di sma negeri se-kecamatan Tambun utara kabupaten Bekasi
Page 118-130
Abstrac This study is aimed to obtain information on the discrepancy on the components in the management of science laboratories that have been programmed and implement
Language IND
Author Rini Rosilawati; Rini Rosilawati

Title Article Penilaian kinerja dalam pembelajaran kimia
Page 131-144
Abstrac This study is intended to find out the effect of performance assessment and cognitive style on the studens archivement in chemistry by controlling the students
Language IND
Author Hetty Hortentie Langkudi; Hetty Hortentie Langkudi

Title Article Evaluasi program pendidikan pesantren salafiyah
Page 145-159
Abstrac This study is an evaluative study applying the cippo evaluationmodel which focuses on context evaluation, input, process, product, and impact
Language IND
Author Khaerudin; Khaerudin

Title Article Penilaian kelas dan rasa percaya diri siswa pada pembelajaran matematika
Page 160-172
Abstrac This study aims to determine the effect of classroom assessment techniques with confidence mathematics students learning outcomes. Classroom assessment techniqu
Language IND
Author Cut Aswandi

Title Article Pengembangan instrumen pengukuran kecerdasan emosional siswa berbakat intelektual
Page 173-187
Abstrac This research study aims for finding of :(1) the construct underlying the instrument to measure the emotional intelligence of the intellectually gifted studentt
Language IND
Author Misykat Malik Ibrahim; Misykat Malik Ibrahim

Title Article Umpan balik model pembelajaran pada materi membuat pola busana
Page 188-200
Abstrac The porpose of this study is to find out the effect of the feedback and learning models towardthe students achievement on dress pattern making by controlling th
Language IND
Author Ni Ketut Widiartini; Ni Ketut Widiartini

Title Article Bentuk tes formatif dalam pembelajaran sejarah
Page 201-211
Abstrac The objective of the research is to find out the effect of the formative test form, learning style, and the students achievement in history by controlling the s
Language IND
Author Suyuti; Suyuti

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