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47 Result of Environment Testing
The test result on each computer is not 100% accurate because the code is not yet
optimized. The researcher also didn’t record the performance of the game because on
each run the performance of the game varies.
Perfomance on Computer 1
There are no problems running the game on computer 1. The only problem that
arises is because the network code is not yet optimized. The movements of the
other player are choppy even though the latency is very low. But this problem
occurs randomly
Perfomance on Computer 2
Even though the game can run normally, sometimes the movement of the
character is skipping.
Performance on Laptop 1
The game can run normally just like on computer 1. The problem that arises also
similar to computer 1, random choppy movement.
Perfomance on Laptop 2
This is the lowest specification test unit because the VGA card is using VGA
onboard. This means that the performance of the laptop is very limited. Despite
the specification, the game can run normally. But there are same problem as the
problem that happened on all computer, the random choppy movement.
5.3.2 System Specification
The minimum system requirement for unity based game engine isn’t very clear. The
minimum system requirement that is taken from the website [18] is as follow:
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