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The participants of this test are selected video game enthusiasts and capable to analyze
the gameplay even though the game is not yet final.
The method of the test is that after the player test the game, he/she will fill in form on
what they think about the game. There are several questions in the form. Based on those
questions, the researcher will determine if the game is interesting and unique or not. The
question is listed below on the table
Table 51 Question list
Question Type
To see the demographic of
the player
To see the demographic of
the player
Time spent a week for
video games
Choose from list
To determine their gaming
Is the game interesting
Scale 1-5
To see if the game is
interesting, 5 is the highest
Having difficulties with the
Multiple choice
Is the game difficult to play
or not, yes/no question
What are the difficulties
Pinpoint the difficulties
Graphic rating
Scale 1-5
Is the graphic good enough,
5 is the highest
Is the game unique
Multiple choice
To see if the game is
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