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unique, yes/no question
What makes the game
Pinpoint on what makes the
game unique
Suggestions for the game
Suggestion to improve the
Would the player play the
game again
Multiple choice
To see the replayability
5.2 Testing Result
5.2.1 Result of Alpha Test
In the alpha test, the researcher tried the connection between client server and also the
features that related to the network. As stated above, the test is divided into several
In testing the connection between the server and the client, the researcher used localhost
as the IP of the server. There are no major problem with the connection between the
client and the server. The game was tested until the number of connections until 8
connections (the maximum number of player). The only problem that arises was random
connection lag between the client and the server.
The second phase is to test the instantiate object for the player upon joining the game.
There are no problem with instantiate new object and assign player to it. And the last
phase is to test the function that relies on the network. Some functions rely on the
network such as capture function or spawn function. Trouble would occur if those
functions are working properly. If the client spawns into game but he/she didn’t
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