Printed Collections

    The reserve collections of the library are books with high demand. The material held is primarily aimed at students studying taught courses, but any student or lecturer or staff may use the Reserve Collections within library premises only or for photocopy.
    The collection includes encyclopaedias, dictionaries, journals, handbooks and manual these collections can be read within library premises only.
    These are collections of teacher manuals and booklet with solution that can be used only by Lecturer of BINUS University. This collection can be borrowed weekly or by semester.
    The library subscribes with a variety of serial publication which includes magazines, journals and newspapers. This also includes the publication published by BINUS. The periodical collections are available at the reference area of the library.
    In order to support the information needs of our users with different type of resources the library also provides clippings that include the subjects under Education, Literature, Economics, Architecture, Information Technology, and Management & Industry. This material can be used in the library and can be accessed via library website.
    Collection of information about a current topic of interest.
    This covers anything about librarianship, the socialization of new collections, new services, articles and book reviews.
    Include the writings of the undergraduate and graduate students. The collections can be read only within library premises and not allowed to be photocopied. These materials are also accessible via the library website.
    The case study collections are detailed analysis in the form of written or recorded format which aims to record the success or failure of a specific issue. Collection is used as input to enrich learning and research insights. Case Study collection can only be borrowed by lecturers as a supplement for teaching and can be borrowed up to three (3) hours only.
    Materials in the form of audio, visual, graphic and text are considered as multimedia collections. These materials also intends to support the information needs of the library users. Casette tapes, VHS, CD, DVD, maps are example of Multimedia Collections.

Digitalized Collections

Digitalized Collections

Digitalized collections are collection of printed resources transformed in an electronic format to make it accessible via website, the digital collections of the library includes the following

  • E-theses electronic format of papers written by undergraduate (S1) and graduate students (S2) of Binus University
  • E-Research: full text format of the research report BINA NUSANTARA lecturers.
  • E-JOURNALS: The journal article published by Binus University in the form of abstract and full text.
  • E-PAPERS: Collection of paper works attended by lecturers within or outside of BINUS
  • E-Article: a magazine article that subscribed or gifts by BINUS in the form of full text.
  • E-Book: a collection of books in electronic format to support the learning and research of BINSUSIAN.
  • E-TRAINING: a collection of training module conducted by the Talent Management Division of Binus University.
  • E-Proceedings: a collection of articles seminar / workshop attended by BINUSIAN.
  • E-Conference: a collection of articles conference attended by BINUSIAN.
  • E-Internship: a collection of result from BINUSIAN after they have internship.


  • BINUS GALLERY: collections of Photographs of BINUS achievement & activities.
  • BINUS HISTORY: contains information about BINUS development from the start up to present.
  • RECTOR SPEECH: containing the rector`s speech during special activities conducted in BINUS


  • Jakarta Photo: contains a collection of photographs of architectural development in Jakarta from time to time.
  • Architectural Design: a collection of architectural design work of students, both final and race results.
  • Architectural Regulations: contains a set of relevant rules of architecture.


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