Friends Of Library


About FOL

            The friends of Library and Knowledge Center are volunteers compose of students, lecturers and alumni who believe the importance of library in one institution.

Why LKC needs friends

            In order for the library to execute our responsibilities to the University and in our community we need volunteers to help us to achieve our goal to provide access to information to our library users.
What do the friends do?

  1. Involve in the LKC activities to promote the library
  2. Helps to translate collection in other language
  3. Helps the LKC to find book donations
  4. Conduct orientation to other users on the use of library
  5. Conduct fund raising program to build a small library for community

How to join

Sign up the application form available in the library website or you may visit the library and look for our circulation staff in charged.

 You can download the registration form disini.


How to login? click here.


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