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  • Academic Earth
    Thousands of video lectures from the world top scholars. Includes the following subject areas: astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, engineering, English, entrepreneurship, history, law, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology and religion.
    • Access restrictions: None
    • Full video

  • C-SPAN Video Library
    Every minute of C-SPAN video archives is here for your use.
    • Access restrictions: None
    • Full video

  • MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning & Online Teaching
    MERLOT is a leading edge, user-centered, searchable collection of peer reviewed and selected higher education, online learning materials, catalogued by registered members and a set of faculty development support services. MERLOTs vision is to be a premiere online community where faculty, staff, and students from around the world share their learning materials and pedagogy.
    • Access restrictions: None
    • Full multimedia

  • Teacher Tube is a video sharing website similar to YouTube. It is designed to allow those in the educational industry, particularly teachers, to share educational resources. The site contains a mixture of classroom teaching resources and others designed to aid teacher training. A number of students have also uploaded videos that they have made as part of college courses. The website contains over 26,000 videos. The goal of TeacherTube is to provide an online community for sharing instructional videos.
    • Access restrictions: None
    • Full video

  • YouTube Channels for Teachers
    Smithsonian; TED Talks; PBS; Discovery Channel; PBS; Biography Channel; University courses from Yale, Berkley, Stanford, Houston, and others.
    • Access restrictions: None
    • Full Video

  • Yovisto
    Yovisto is a worldwide video search engine for educational video content, including content from many countries and languages. Yovisto allows searching within videos. There are many other features like: tagging, adding comments, discussing, interaction with other users, uploading videos and organising your videos, etc. Each individual will need to set up a free account with yovisto.
    • Access restrictions: None
    • Full video



    • Bibme "leave the formatting to us"
    • Citation Machine (Son of Citation) formats single citations in APA or MLA style
    • Easy Bib formats citations and creates finished bibliography in MLA style
    • KnightCite - formats single citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago style
    • Mendelev Research Networks - your bibliography & citation database created automatically
    • RapidCite Formats citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago style and creates an unfinished "Works Cited" page. Research and Documentation Online
    • Zotero - a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension that collects, manages, cites, and shares research sources


      • Universitas Indonesia Library
        The library provides various information in interdisciplinary science. The library resources including library catalogue, library websites, research repositories, digital thesis, selected library databases and links to each faculty libraries. The library consisted of 12 faculty libraries and 1 post-graduate library. The site also provide information on facility, service and collection.



      • Bank Of Indonesia
        The Library’s collections are presented to  covers the subjects  about  monetary economics, banking, and payment system

      • Garuda (Garba Rujukan Digital)
        Garuda (Garba Rujukan Digital) is a scientific reference Indonesian portal which is the point of access to scientific papers produced by academics and researchers Indonesia. Garuda, which consists of domestic e-journal, thesis, and research reports that have developed by the Direktorat P2M-Dikti Depdiknas Collaboration with PDII-LIPI and various universities (15th universities) as well as in provision of content.

      • PDII-LIPI
        Koleksi pengetahuan terekam yang berupa buku, majalah ilmiah, laporan penelitian, artikel ilmiah, tesis maupun disertasi, dan dokumen-dokumen ilmiah lainnya kami kelola dalam bentuk perpustakaan.



  • BookBoon.Com
    Bookboons students section provides you with free textbooks which give you a concise and precise overview of a given subject, such as Macroeconomics or Chemistry. The books are targeted at engineering students, IT students, and students of economy and finance.

  • Directory of Open Access Journals
    Directory of Open Access Journals provides full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals for free. The journals cover all subjects and languages. There are now 4.434 title of journals available at the directory. Currently, 1.698 journals are searchable at article level. As of today 327.051 articles are included in the DOAJ service.

  • UNDIP Repository
    UNDIP INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY (UNDIP-IR) is dedicated to disseminate all UNDIP publications which are accessible for student, lecturer, and researcher.

  • UI Repository
    University of Indonesia Repository provides various collections, such as books, journals, abstracts, articles, regulations, guidance, reports, UI-Ana, any other information needed by students, lecturers, and researchers.

  • Universitas Gunadarma Repository
    Universitas Gunadarma INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY is dedicated to disseminate all Universitas Gunadarma publications which are accessible for student, lecturer, and researcher.

  • Universitas Islam Indonesia Repository
    Universitas Islam Indonesia INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY is dedicated to disseminate all Universitas Islam Indonesia publications which are accessible for student, lecturer, and researcher.

  • Universitas Petra Repository
    Universitas Petra INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY is dedicated to disseminate all Universitas Petra publications which are accessible for student, lecturer, and researcher.

  • Portal DKV BINUS
    Information Resource for DKV.

  • ADB Statistical Database System (SDBS)
    The Statistical Database System (SDBS) is the Asian Development Bank’s central statistical database that stores macro-economic and social data of its developing member countries (DMCs). The SDBS data come from statistical contacts that are mostly national statistics offices and central banks of the DMCs. SDBS also store data from other international organizations` databases and websites.

  • : Fiction provides the best works of fiction from a wide range of classic authors.

  • : Nonfiction publishes a diverse and intelligent nonfiction corpus, including many works of political and social history.

    Bio is about real people and their real lives.

  • China Daily
    Chinese News in English

  • China Dimensions Data Collection
    A variety of socioeconomic data, including Geographic Information System (GIS) databases. These databases may be integrated with agricultural, land use, environmental, and socioeconomic data to track China`s economic growth, population increases, and environmental change.

  • Chinese Characters: Genealogy and Dictionary
    Contain information on chinese characters and the chinese culture and it`s history

  • HighWire Press Free Online Full-text Articles
    HighWire Press is the largest archive of free full-text science on Earth!

  • International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications
    This site contains full text journals from different countries and disciplines

  • J-EAST (The JST English Articles of S&T Database)
    EAST contains documents from about 3,000 sources(Listed here), including academic publications, serials, proceedings and technical reports of hospitals, universities and enterprises published in Japan. Abstracts of articles in Japanese were translated into English. J-EAST is the largest free-of-charge searchable database of citations and abstracts of documents published in Japan in all the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine, being also a unique source of Japanese gray literature and it is a useful database not only for university researchers, but also medical doctors and enterprises. J-EAST database has stopped updating since April, 2007

  • J-Stage (Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic)
    In order to support the information transmission function of user organizations, the "Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic" (J-STAGE), developed by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), set up the hardware and software necessary for electronic journal release within JST to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By taking advantage of the hardware and software, the user organizations are able to computerize bulletins of academic societies and research papers currently appeared with ease and at low cost. Computerrized documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world with this system. This project also links up with the National Institute of Informatics (formerly the Ministry of Education National Center for Science Information Systems (NACSIS)).

  • ReaD - Directory Database of Research and Development Activities
    Designed to promote cooperation among industry players, academics and the government, the site collects and provides scientific information on research institutes, researchers, research subjects and research sources in Japan

  • Scientific Journals International
    SJI is pioneering a new vision for scholarly publishing. It combines the open-access model with innovative approaches to address the problems in the current scholarly publishing system at the worldwide level. This revolutionary project is an attempt to provide a one-stop efficient forum for publishing research and creative work from all disciplines.

  • UNData - data access system to UN databases
    UNdata - a data access system to UN databases The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) has launched a new internet-based data service for the global user community. It brings UN statistical databases within easy reach of users through a single entry point ( from which users can now search and download a variety of statistical resources of the UN System.

  • University of Chicago Full-Text Journals
    Free full text access to a collection of University of Chicago Journals.

  • Wiley-Blackwell Open Access Backfiles (Wiley-Interscience)
    Wiley-InterScience is a leading international resource for scientific, technical, medical and scholarly content. Certain Wiley-Blackwell journals available on Wiley-InterScience have Open Access backfiles, where all content prior to a given date is made free online to all.

  • World Bank Documents & Reports Full-Text
    Documents & Reports, previously known as World Development Sources (WDS) contains more than 27,000 World Bank documents which are made available to the public in order to better share the institution`s knowledge base and to implement the disclosure policy.

  • World Bank Open Data Initiative
    This is a comprehensive database that features statistics and other relevant information about development. Among these are the World Development Indicators, the Global Development Finance, and the Global Economic Monitor.

  • Philippine Journal Online
    Philippines Journals OnLine (PhilJOL) is a service to provide access to Philippine published research, and increase worldwide knowledge of indigenous scholarship. For more information about PhilJOL and how to join the service see the About page. There are 23 journals listed on PhilJOL. There are 31 Tables of Contents listing 260 articles. 162 of the articles are available in full text (PDF). PhilJOL is supported by INASP.



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