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  • BI Corner:BI Corner is installed in Binus University Library located in Kemanggisan, West Jakarta. BI Corner contains books and literature themed monetary, finance, banking, entrepreneurship, and inspirational story. Then there are also additional facilities such as computers and educational television. BI Corner is as a form of Bank Indonesia`s concern for the world of education and to provide understanding to the public related to the economy and the role of BI. Through BI Corner is expected to improve the culture of reading and writing, especially among the younger generation.


  • Electronic Gate: This equipment was installed in order to protect the  library collections. This gate will identify the books which were not borrowed, thus all library users are required to check out the book to the auto borrowing machine before going out to the library.



  • CCTV Cameras: CCTV cameras are installed in different areas of the library for safety, security, monitoring, and to provide evidence of vandalism misuse of facilities or materials.



  • Lockers: This area is for temporary storage of belonging of all library users, before going into the library.



  • Hot Spot Area: Students and Lecturers can access free of charge the internet using the wireless fidelity.


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Anggrek(021)53696941 ext 1161
Alam Sutera(021)53696941 ext 7034
JWC(021)720-2222 ext 3404
FX(021)720-2222 ext 7970
Kijang(021)532-7630 ext 2621
Bekasi(021) 2928-5598 ext. 7942
Malang(0341)303-6969 ext 7542
Bandung(022)2056-8888 ext 7823

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